AP news agency and Everipedia will register the data and results of the next United States general elections on blockchain – cryptocurrency news

The iconic news agency The Associated Press (AP) is forming an alliance with the decentralized platform Everipedia, which will allow to record the results of the winners in the next general elections of the United States in blockchain technology.

As part of an agreement, the global news agency AP will be able to register the winning candidates and the information of the general elections in the United States in a chain of blocks, scheduled for the month of November, where it stands out the race for the presidency of the North American nation between the current president and candidate for reelection, Donald Trump, in front of the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.

In this way, 7,000 winners what will be verified and announced by AP, a process historically carried out by the agency, by deploy a team specialized in the electoral issue of each of the 50 states of the nation, and where in addition to the presidential result, the results of the other election courses at the state and local level.

Each of the called winners what to do AP, will be registered and cryptographically signed by the news agency, which will allow its publication on the blockchain thanks to a new product called ‘Everipedia OraQle’, which is a decentralized oracle provided by the industry leading firm, Chainlinkwho know union recently to Everipedia for the development of the project.

In this sense, the decentralized oracle ‘OraQle’ from Everipedia, will serve as a point of integration with the API de The Associated Press to which you have exclusive access Everipedia via its Chainlink node, to publish the electoral data for the first time on a blockchain, notes the release.

The so-called winners of AP, maintain a standard of reliability, veracity and without speculation, according details the agency on its website, thanks to a display by “A dedicated team of election analysts, researchers, and people calling for elections that make up our Decision Center”. AP explains:

Only when the AP is completely certain that a race has been won, defined more simply as the moment when a candidate lagging no longer has a path to victory, will we make a decision.

In this way, Election results will be registered in blockchain technology through the decentralized oracle of Everipedia, which the firm assures is developed with the intention of ending with the “Oracle problem”, through a concept focused on «Cryptographically signed feeds», an innovation they claim solves challenges by being verified and executed in “Any smart contract”, staying in a chain of blocks.

Everipedia too Add that this oracle expands new application scenarios, which will be used by industry leaders who will be able to “Earn income by publishing reliable data on a wide range of topics, including prices, election results, statistics, sports scores, weather and news”.

Likewise, the possibility of developing financial products related to the information available on the blockchain of the upcoming elections in United States, as “Markets for predictions, derivatives and more, all of which can be created, executed and settled with maximum reliability”, he comments Everipedia.

Image courtesy: Pixabay

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