Apasra Hongsakula, the 74-year-old Thai woman who looks 30 – Prensa Libre

Apasra was the winner of the famous Miss Universe pageant in 1965 and currently it seems that the years do not pass through her life.

Many international media claim that women have found the secret formula to stay young for a long time. Even in Mexico, they have nicknamed her “La Maribel Thai Guard.”

Hongsakula was off-camera for many years but it was in 2021 that some photographs that the model shared on her social networks went viral. Several netizens spread the photos and compared them with some taken in 1965, the year of the contest.

When she won Miss Universe, she was barely 18 years old and many were surprised to see that, despite the 56-year difference, she now looks practically the same.

Some media assure that the body of the model is due to several cosmetic surgeries and an adequate diet; However, Apasra assures that in reality she is not in favor of cosmetic surgeries but she does maintain a healthy diet and very strict in terms of food.

Apasra owns a spa and ensures that her beauty has been maintained thanks to the special care she gives to her skin and a balanced diet.

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