“Apex Holding” agrees to the sale and purchase deal from “Ras Al Khaimah Investment”

Apex Holdings, a subsidiary of International Holdings that invests in multiple sectors, has agreed to a sale and purchase transaction from Ras Al Khaimah Cement Investment Company, which was approved by its Board of Directors members, and the completion of the transaction is subject to regulatory approvals.

The company explained in a statement to the Abu Dhabi market today, that through this agreement, Ras Al Khaimah Cement Investment Company will acquire all the shares of the International Holding Company and Shemira Investments in the Apex Holding Company.

And she continued: This relates to the issuance of mandatory convertible bonds into shares in Apex Holding Company and the approval of the issuance of mandatory convertible bonds with a total value of 3.05 billion dirhams to the International Holding Company and Shemera Investments, in exchange for their full shares in the company.

She indicated the approval to change the company’s name from Ras Al Khaimah Cement Investment to Apex Investment Company, during the company’s annual general assembly meeting.

In this context, Shehzad Janab, CEO of Apex Holdings, said: “We are confident that this agreement will help propel Apex Holdings to the next stage of its growth plan. The combined companies will have a more diverse business offering and client base than any single entity.”

It is worth mentioning that Apex Holding Company is a diversified holding company with investments in multiple sectors including catering services, facilities management, and construction; industries; Information technology and data analysis. The company has a large base of clients such as commercial and industrial companies and the hospitality sector, with its ability to expand into other areas of the service sector when needed. The company applies the highest standards of technology, safety and hygiene, using the latest service methods and technology supported technology, backed by extensive experience in all its fields.

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