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Respawn Entertainment finally announced Apex Legends Season 1 and revealed the contents of the Battle Pass, but players who were eager to discover the Battle Pass were disappointed with the prizes it offered.

Released on February 4th, Apex Legends was an immediate success, gathering over 50 million players, it is one of the most popular games of the moment. But players have quickly become hungry for new content to keep the game updated and not be boring.

After weeks of impatience, Respawn finally announced on March 18 that the first season will begin this Tuesday, March 19th at 6:00 pm.

Respawn Entertainment

The first set of awards for the season's Combat Pass 1.

Respawn Entertainment

The skins of the Combat Pass disappointed the players.

We tried to create a Combat Pass where inexperienced users can get a solid base of cosmetics for weapons and characters to complete their initial collection at a considerable discount.

They also explained why there were no "challenges" like those used on Fortnite to help players pass Pass levels faster.

You will notice that the first Combat Pass is not based on a complex system of missions where you have to perform a 720 backflip outside the Artemis Watchtower and get two shots on Wingman's head before hitting the ground. While we believe that the missions and challenges for the future Combat Pass offer a really interesting creative space, we wanted this first version to allow our players to play and learn to play.

Respawn Entertainment

You will be able to get this Mirage skin from the first level of the first season's combat pass.

Some players might be happy not to have more or less difficult or challenging challenges, others will be disappointed, as this can add another level to the gameplay, especially in a Battle Royale.

The interesting thing about the Season 1 Combat Pass is that players will earn enough Apex coins to earn the Pass for free.


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