Apex Legends: on Twitch, it's already a fall


Launched early last February, Apex Legends quickly established itself as a serious competitor to Fortnitewhich still remains popular despite the months that pass. But here, once the fat mount since the previous launch, what remains of Apex Legends ?

Apex Legends Twitch Views Versus Fortnite 924x520

Well, what he managed to dethrone Fortnite of the most watched game Twitch in February it has experienced a steep decline in popularity in recent weeks. As reported StreamElements, Apex Legends has gone from 40 million hours of gaming watched weekly to just over 10 million, while Fortnite remains about 20 million hours a week on Twitch, without major changes over the weeks.

Of course, as always, it is worth remembering that the popularity of a game is not necessarily measured by the number of viewers watching it Twitch, but it is still interesting, which shows that the mount aroundApex Legends it was ephemeral, like the one that surrounds most games Battle Royale.

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