Apex Legends: Respawn squirts targets for cheating – News

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In less than fifteen days, 16,000 cheats had been fired from the royal battle, as reported below. Now, at the dawn of the fifth week, there are already more than 355,000 to leave the ship by force, on the PC, platform where the modification of files and the use of third-party software are the most obvious. Free and qualitative, Apex Legends he is a victim of his success and has not only good seeds among his over 50 million members.

The information comes from a message from the developer Respawn Entertainment on Reddit, which also informs about the ambitions of the study in this regard. "Cheats are inventive and we do not want them to see us"explains the American company that does not go into technical details but nevertheless draws the key points of the program: working with "Experts" within Electronic Arts, but also outside of strengthening this fight, hiring between the dedicated anti-cheat team, and finally proposing an integrated reporting option in the PC version, which is severely lacking and is regularly requested. It would be wise to do the same on all platforms to block players from toxic behavior in the chat.

Respawn took advantage of his speech to indicate that he continues to work to improve the performance and stability ofApex Legends. More importantly, the study talked about the possibility of reconnecting after a disconnection or an accident, a much needed function that must be forgotten for the time being. "At the moment we are not working for two reasons: it would provide the opportunity to abuse it and we believe that the resources needed to build, test and publish this function are better used to correct the problem, stability, so it is no longer necessary to reconnect "explained the designers.



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