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What was just a rumor a short while ago is now official. Electronic Arts announces a Battle Royale game based on the Titanfall franchise background. Here is the first information of the game, described by EA as The next evolution of the real battle.

Apex Legends: The Titanfall Free Battle Royale

As expected, Apex Legends is a game of Battle Royale that takes place in the Titanfall universe. There will be no Titans, these great giant robots, because Apex Legends only focuses on infantry soldiers. One of the reasons that explains why the game does not include Titanfall in its name.

Apex Legends can be played alone or in teams of up to 3 players for a total of up to 60 players on a game map, or 20 teams competing to stay alive. Some subtleties remain however in relation to the Battle Royale games that we already know because the game can sometimes remember a mix between Overwatch, Titanfall, Rainbow Six Siege or Fortnite.

Several characters are actually available and each one has special abilities. Unlike the other Battle Royals, the start of the game begins with a fall, but the whole team must follow the Jumpmaster who then chooses the arrival area for the entire team.

The developers say that this is only the beginning and that the new content is expected in the coming weeks.

Apex Legends also includes re-spawn tags (single-use slots in which defeated teammates can be revived), a contextual communication system that allows players to report enemies, weapons, positions and other items at the touch of a button . , in addition to an intelligent inventory system that automatically adds the accessory or the newly recovered material to the correct weapon. All of this contributes to creating an absolutely unique Battle Royale experience that goes perfectly with the explosive cocktail of fun and action by Respawn.

Download Apex Legends now for free

The game is now available via the link below. You can start the download order from the PC. The size of the game to download is 25.26 GB. The game is free and to play on Xbox One, you just have to have an Xbox Live Gold subscription and download the game for free on the Xbox market.

> Download the game now on Xbox

Apex Legends Features

  • Legendary characters – Discover an evolving team of powerful legends, all with distinct personalities, strengths and abilities.
  • The last squadron – Choose your legend, join up to two other players and combine your unique talents to be the last team in the running.
  • A strategic gameplay of Battle Royale – Master the skills of your legend, make strategic decisions in real time and take advantage of your team's strengths.
  • Seasons to punctuate the game – Participate in all seasons to unlock new Legends, new weapons, loot and more.

The 8 characters of Apex Legends: legends

Each Apex Legends character has three special abilities: Tactical Skill, Passive Skill and Final Skill. All 3 are listed below in order for each legend.

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BANGALORE – Professional military

  • smoke shooting – Launch a high-speed smoke tank that generates a wall of smoke to impact.
  • No charge – You move temporarily faster if an enemy shoots you while you run.
  • Thunder rumble – Summon an artillery attack that moves inexorably on the battlefield.
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BLOODHOUND – Hunt and Technology expert

  • Eye of the Stormmaker – Show briefly enemies, traps and clues on all the buildings in front of you.
  • pursuer – Perceive the traces left by your enemies.
  • predator – Thanks to your sharp senses, you can see the enemy more easily and move faster.
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CAUSTIC – Toxic sweeper

  • Nox gas trap – Arrange the bottles that release the lethal Nox gas when you shoot or pass an enemy.
  • Nox vision – See the enemies that run through your clouds of gas.
  • Pomegranate gas Nox – Cover a large area of ​​Nox gas.

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GIBILTERRA – Armored fortress

  • Protective dome – A domed shield that blocks attacks for 15 seconds.
  • Armored armor – Shoot the viewfinder to deploy an anti-armor shield that blocks the incoming fire
  • Defensive bombardment – Ask for a concentrated mortar shot by first indicating your goal.
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LIFELINE – combat rescuer

  • DOC Drone of Osteo-Compassion – Call your Osteo-Compassion drone automatically and gradually nurse your teammates.
  • First aid fighter – Rally the allies faster on the ground and benefit from the protection of a shield wall. The use of resources for assistance is 25% faster.
  • Support package – A drop module sends you high-end defensive equipment.
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MIRAGE – Holographic illusionist

  • discourage – Distribute a holographic bait to confuse the enemy ranks.
  • extension – Automatically arrange for an exit to hide for 5 seconds when you are out of combat.
  • disappearance – Set up a team of baits to distract the enemy when you walk.
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  • Grapple: very useful tool to quickly reach areas out of reach.
  • Insider trading – Scan a topographic tag to find the next ring.
  • Tyrolese lance – Create a universal zip line.

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WRAITH – Inter-dimensional warrior

  • In the void – Repositioning quickly in the Void to avoid damage.
  • Voice of the Void – You hear a voice when the danger is approaching and, as far as you can judge, defend your own team.
  • Dimensional defect – Connect two zones through portals for 60 seconds allowing your entire team to enjoy them.

The border war is over. After centuries of conflict between the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) and the Militia, founded to fight it, the vast region of space called Border can finally experience peace.

Alas, liberation sometimes comes at a price: leaving the sector, the BMI and the Militia have taken all that was precious, leaving the planets without boundaries without soul. Without finding enough to survive, the inhabitants had no choice but to leave their homes. The bravest left for Wild Lands.

This group of planets at the edge of the Frontier, too far to pay the burden of war, is still full of resources and opportunities. However, life is hard and danger is omnipresent. Its pioneers, explorers and outlaws have known their lives only endless struggles of power. Now they are settling their differences through Apex games, a violent sport that opposes legends from across the border in search of luck and glory.


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