Apparently truce in the Gaza Strip

Gaza City

The weekend was the worst violence in the region since the Gaza war five years ago. Now both parties apparently agreed to a ceasefire.

(Photo: AP)

Gaza / WashingtonAfter the outbreak of violence on the Gaza Strip with numerous deaths, the Palestinians said they agreed to a ceasefire with Israel. The agreement will start on Monday morning, said a Reuters Palestinian representative. A television station owned by Gaza-ruling Hamas confirmed the agreement. The rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, ruled by radical Islamic Hamas, officially killed four civilians in Israel. In attacks by the Israeli military killed 19 Palestinians.

US President Donald Trump assured Israel of its support in the border conflict. "Once again Israel faces a flood of deadly rocket attacks by terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad," Trump wrote on Twitter. "We support Israel 100 percent in the defense of its citizens." Addressed to the people in the Gaza Strip Trump wrote: "These terrorist actions against Israel bring you nothing else more misery." The violence must end and work towards a peace.

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