Appeal of two comrades: SPD in “fundamental sense crisis”


IIn the SPD, worried voices are growing about the party's continued existence and the nearly six-month selection process for a new leadership. With a letter to all Social Democratic members of the Bundestag, the F.A.Z. On Wednesday, former Member of Parliament Elke Leonhard and Karl Schiller Foundation Chairman Detlef Prinz appealed to their comrades that they were no longer in favor of recognizing that the SPD was in a “fundamental crisis of meaning and erosion” their existence as a people and member party “by the thread”.

Peter Carstens

Leonhard, who heads the “Helmut Schmidt Discussion Group”, and Prince write that the party seems “as if abandoned by all good spirits, disoriented, discouraged, unimaginative, despondent, self-pitying”. With regard to the rhetoric of renewal and the vocal optimism that can be heard in some places, the two authors of the paper urge: “There are still too many in the party who gloss over the current situation, which deny the existence threat.” The SPD must, so the appeal to the Willy -Brandt House and the faction, “out of the mode of self-deception and self-pity”.

Clearly, the two authors also express what was heard behind the scenes long ago in faction and party and write of an “irresponsible and scandalous departure of Andrea Nahles”. However, the fact that the incumbent transitional leaders had consistently refused to accept responsibility was “an indictment, if not embarrassing.” Also, not a single cabinet member – after all, something like the management reserve – ready to take responsibility.

Nobody, according to the critics of politicians like Manuela Schwesig, Malu Dreyer or Olaf Scholz, “feels a spark of loyalty to the party”. In the membership, so their impression from many discussions, therefore, assassination, fatalism and resignation reigned. In doing so, the SPD claims that it has as its “only party a social and ecological conscience, along with economic reason”. The idea, however, that the SPD could make a name for itself as a “better Green Party” is misleading.

Elke Leonhard was a member of the Bundestag until 2005 and, among other things, chairwoman of the culture committee. She is Honorary President of the Parliamentary Society. Detlef Prinz is a journalist and media entrepreneur and manages the Karl Schiller Foundation, which feels committed to the legacy of the former SPD Economic and Finance Minister of the Brandt / Scheel era.

On Wednesday, the number of candidates for the SPD party leadership had continued to increase. There was increasing evidence that Ralf Stegner will be one of the current deputy party chairman for the succession of Andrea Nahles resigned will apply. Stegner is one of the party left and is currently SPD parliamentary group leader in the Schleswig-Holstein Landtag. With him, as the news portal “Spiegel Online” first announced, the political scientist Gesine Schwan compete. Schwan said on demand that she would only comment on Friday. Both still needed support from party committees. Currently there are nine candidates, including Schwan.

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