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Apple adds automatic device switching to Airpods Pro – Image and sound – News

Watched the movie Greyhound with Spatial Audio this morning, the surround is quite impressive for earbuds, but I didn’t like the positioning idea that the sound shifts when you turn your head. When I briefly looked at my phone on my desk to the left of me, the sound shifts to your right ear. Yes, that works, but I don’t want that. I just want to get the sound as it should, from both earpieces equally as if I were in the middle of the sound source. It actually undermines the immersive surround effect by focusing it on a single point (my iPad Pro right in front of me).

Anyway, the difference between the old non-surround sound and the surround sound is huge, really an improvement. Hopefully support from third parties such as Netflix and Amazon soon, because now it only works for Apple TV + and iTunes purchased content.

The car switching also works fine. Only a small second delay, if you have nothing to play on one device and something starts playing on another device.

All in all, nice updates, it also makes me a bit more interested in the new over-ears rumored to be announced tonight.

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