Apple AirPower wireless charging came into production. Reedus


The Apple AirPower wireless charging station has become one of the company's long-awaited devices. It was announced in September 2017 with the iPhone X, the first Apple smartphone that supports wireless charging. Since then, the release of AirPower has been constantly postponed due to technical difficulties. But now there is a loss that the device is finally ready and even put into production.

On this in his Twitter reported ChargerLAB with reference to an anonymous, but "authoritative" source. As proof, they attached a WeChat correspondence, in which the source states that AirPower will soon be on sale. Subsequently, the authenticity of the loss was confirmed by the MacRumors website.

ChargerLAB also states that wireless charging is taking place at the Luxshare Precision plant: here Apple AirPods and Lightning / USB-C cables are also produced.

The AirPower bases laid 22 induction coils, simultaneously charging up to three devices. It was their introduction that caused difficulties for the engineers. If the ChargerLAB data is true, the serial device can exit until the end of the winter.


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