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Earlier this week, Apple received FCC clearance with a new sleep monitoring product that looked like an updated version of the Beddit Sleep Monitor acquired in 2017. Today the Beddit Sleep Monitor 3.5 is updated (as a replacement) of version 3.0) is now available through the Apple Store.

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The new Beddit Sleep Monitor 3.5 is priced at $ 149.95 and is currently available in Apple Stores and shipped to customers in a few days. Withings (formerly Nokia Health) has a similar product that retails for $ 99 and currently sells for $ 79.99.

The first review of the Beddit Sleep Monitor since Apple bought the sleep monitoring company includes a slight change in design to the actual hardware and the iOS app for sleep monitor management also has a new version. All mentions of Android support are removed from the Beddit website for all we know.

Beddit Sleep Monitor 3.5 is not a radical change from the previous version 3.0. It is still a thin strip of 2 mm that is laid over the mattress and is powered via USB. It connects to an & # 39; app for iPhone to send sleep tracking data to the Beddit app and to the Apple Health app (with permission), and is still advertised as not requiring a " wearable "like the Apple Watch – although Beddit has an Apple Watch app for napping.

The original Beddit iOS app on the existing Beddit developer account has also been updated and renamed as specifically version 3.0 of the sleep monitor hardware. A new Beddit app has been included in Apple's developer account with support for the all-new 3.5 hardware.

Here is a comparison of the technical specifications of versions 3.5 and 3.0:

It is likely that the new hardware was already in the pipeline when Apple bought Beddit last year. Apple definitely has more plans with Beddit and sleep monitoring experts as well as selling a pad that goes under the sheets to monitor sleep.

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