Apple cancels October launch event

Apple cancels October launch event

Apple is reportedly canceling its keynote for the launch of its new iPads, MacBooks and iPad OS. Mark Gurman says the innovations are simply “too small.”

It was previously thought that Apple would hold another launch event in October to introduce new iPads, MacBook Pros, and iPad OS. Mark Gurman now writes in his Power On Newsletter however, that this event has disappeared from the map. The company might want to introduce too few products to justify an event. It does, however, stick to the launch of the products, and only pack the announcements in press releases.

Gurman argues that the deletion of the keynote has to do with the small-scale innovations that the upcoming products have to offer. Apple will reportedly launch the M2 (Pro) Mac Minis, M2 Pro and M2 Max MacBook Pros (14 and 16 inches), and the M2 variants of the iPad Pros (11 and 12.9 inches) in October; the common thread with the products is the integration of the M2 chips and some minor adjustments under the skin.

Later this year, Apple is also reportedly looking to announce a redesigned Apple TV with the A14 chipset. That announcement will also be issued via a press release. It is unknown whether Apple is launching the products at one time or whether it is releasing products incrementally to increase its reach.

Mac Pro launch

Important product announcements such as the Mac Pro will have to wait at least until 2023, according to the Bloomberg journalist. This makes the question for Apple whether the costs of such an event outweigh the benefits. It is also not an unprecedented strategy for the tech giant. In the past, Apple regularly launched products, such as the AirPods Pro (2019) and Max, via press releases.

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