Apple clarifies developers’ doubts that third-party apps can take full advantage of ProMotion-Apple iPhone

After the developers discovered that their applications currently cannot use the 120Hz ProMotion refresh rate for all animations, people are confused as to whether this is a limitation imposed for battery life or a mistake.Apple has now clarified this question. Apple said that all third-party applications can take full advantage of the 120Hz ProMotion refresh rate, but developers need to declare that their applications need to use a higher frame rate by adding an entry to the application’s plist.


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The documentation on the required plist entries will be provided to developers soon.

Apple requires this selection step to provide a higher refresh rate only for those applications that will benefit from the technology, which can be optimizediPhone 13 Battery life of Pro and Pro Max devices.

There is also a bug that affects some animations built with Core Animation. Apple said it will fix it in an upcoming software update.

As the developers discovered, standard UI animations in third-party applications automatically cooperate with ProMotion display technology, which is true for all applications. Apps that will benefit from faster frame rates will be able to increase this support and enjoy the same treatment as Apple’s own apps.

Currently, due to the limited support for standard animation, there will be a clear difference between interactions such as scrolling and interactions such as closing pop-up windows. For example, if you scroll through Twitter on the iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max, you will see a smooth scrolling experience, but animations that have not been updated to 120Hz are limited to 60Hz, and the smoothness of these animations is significantly reduced. This contrast problem will be resolved as developers adopt full support for ProMotion in the future.

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ProMotion display technology is designed to provide an adaptive refresh rate from 10Hz to 120Hz. The refresh rate of the iPhone changes according to the content on the screen to improve battery life, because the 120Hz refresh rate consumes the battery faster. For example, if you are viewing a static page on a web page, the refresh rate will slow down, but as you scroll, it will speed up. ProMotion function is available for iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max andiPad Pro and other models.


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