Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak turns seventy and celebrates with everyone

At today, Tuesday, Apple co-founder and personal computer pioneer Steve Wozniak turns seventy. To celebrate this appropriately, his wife, Janet Hill, is throwing a huge online party. And the whole world is invited to come.

The contact point for the digital festivities is the website, which was set up especially for this purpose. At the same time, “11 Days of Wozdom” starts on Twitter, an eleven-day scavenger hunt full of challenges related to values ​​that are important to Wozniak: happiness, creativity, ingenuity and fun.

The invited virtual guests include opera singer Andrea Boccelli, “Captain Kirk” actor, actor William Shatnerwho have favourited Comedians Chris Rock, Jay Leno and Drew Carey, former professional basketball player Shaquille O’Neal and “The Big Bang Theory” star Mayim Bialik.

Steve “Woz” Wozniak started the Apple company in 1976 with Ron Wayne and who died in 2011 Steve Jobs founded. He had invented and developed the first “usable” personal computer, the Apple I, himself.

“It happened in March 1975 at the very first meeting of a strange, quirky group of people called the Homebrew Computer Club.” The young nerds dreamed of making the new technology available to everyone. Wozniak and Jobs had met in high school. “Woz was the first person I met who knew more about electronics than I did,” Jobs said of his colleague.

Economic success wasn’t as important to Wozniak as experimenting, trying out and opening up new digital possibilities. “I always just wanted to be an engineer,” he said later. That’s why Jobs had to persuade him to found the joint venture that would stand for an unparalleled success story and make IT history.

And even if Wozniak has not been an active part in Apple’s business for a long time, he still receives fifty dollars a week. “I’ve received a small paycheck from Apple every week since we started the company,” he told USA Today, amused.

On his website he adds: “I have never left Apple’s official list of employees, but I have left work in-house a few times. After a plane crash, I took a year off to finish college and then sponsored a few rock concerts. I came back to Apple and worked as an engineer. Finally, I wanted to get back to the fun of the early days and went to build a universal remote control. But I always represent Apple somehow when I perform or give interviews. “

And wherever he goes, he represents Apple “directly or indirectly,” as he says. “I do that out of loyalty.”

So who to the digital festivities would like to participate live is invited. They start at 5 p.m. local time in Los Angeles, i.e. 2 a.m. Central European Time today, in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday (August 12).


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