Technology Apple has its cotton swabs, Samsung will have its...

Apple has its cotton swabs, Samsung will have its beans

After launching a second generation of its Galaxy Buds which is fairly poor in novelty at the start of the year, Samsung could largely review its copy for its next generation and draw inspiration from the side of … beans.

With its Galaxy Buds, Samsung was stepping into the true-wireless headset sector, with Apple and its AirPods in the viewfinder. At the start of the year, the South Korean firm reiterated with the Galaxy Buds +, a slightly improved version intended to accompany the recent Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 Ultra. But if Samsung has just launched new wireless headphones with its AKG audio brand – and with active noise reduction – the firm also plans to renew its Galaxy Buds, offering them a completely new design.

Headphones from Chile con valley in the viewfinder

According to information from WinFuture, Samsung is working on a new line of headphones codenamed “Bean”, designed to compete with Apple’s AirPods. This next generation of Galaxy Buds would be thoroughly reviewed, and would especially opt for a whole new look. Based on its information and several diagrams of the brand, WinFuture has thus produced the first renderings of the future Galaxy Buds, with a very particular design… Let yourself be the judge.

If the design of these headphones can make you smile, it would be particularly suitable for the shape of the ears, and therefore sports practice. Other information concerning these headphones also evoked an essentially sporting use, with perhaps integrated sensors in order to measure the heart rate, in particular. Furthermore, these should not be in-ear headphones, but rather headphones of the type “Open-fit” (like AirPods), which would make noise reduction physically impossible.

For now, this is only a rendering based on the early work of Samsung, and absolutely not the final product. We do not know the stage of advancement of the firm on these headphones, and the release date remains a big unknown. Despite everything, always according to WinFuture, we would expect to see them landing on the stalls starting next summer, at the same time as the presentation of the Galaxy Note20 and the supposed Galaxy Fold 2.

Samsung – Wireless earphones …

  • Ergonomic and cordless for total freedom
  • 2 speakers & an AKG signature
  • Audio quality and great calling comfort
  • 11 hours of listening and wireless charging


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