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Apple and testing has historically been a very weak combination. Especially nowadays. I don’t know why it’s such a mess, possibly a budget issue or lack of knowledge. But if you search a bit in the archives of Tweakers, you will find a stupidity from Apple in iOS or macOS almost every week. The whole drama surrounding iOS 12 was also caused by the lack of testing for very obvious issues. At the beginning, Apple designed the software fairly solidly in terms of architecture. Although that was not their choice, it automatically came with the chosen (open source) base of theirs. As soon as they design things themselves, on top of that basis, you notice that things don’t go completely smoothly there either. A Safari integrated into the OS is a very stupid choice that everyone at Microsoft has been taught not to do. Android doesn’t do that either. Yet Apple does. Ditto for iMessage and then without the sandbox too. A hole in iMessage/Safari and your system is completely open.

If you look a bit in the history of issues with iOS and macOS and keep up with the Apple forum or work at a company that mainly works with macs, you will run into the problems. And there are always those obvious issues.

As if it is so difficult to check that in at least one other language.
Do we never reboot during a test?
Too bad the result is not yet visible. But they also indicate that something is wrong.
I mean, how rare is daylight saving time really?
Low disk space is a very obvious possible issue, isn’t it?
Basic functionality you should test when making such a feature right?
The bug doesn’t have much impact, but this is literally all that functionality has to do, never looked at, just production?
Isn’t this a bit part of your first test cases that you come up with?

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There have been many more issues than this. Macbooks that suddenly crashed on an external screen after an update to sierra or any version. As if they never connected external screens at Apple, a thing with a plaintext filevault password in the logs and some other stupid things.

Bugs can always. No software is perfect and so on and so on. But the obvious nonsense that goes on at Apple every time does cast doubt on their competence in testing. Perhaps they should save a little less money and invest a little more in a better development and testing method.

After years of Apple, I’m completely done with their jokes. They have significantly more bugs than something like Windows or even Android, while having a lot less hardware to support. That’s impossible.

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