Apple is experimenting with more wireless charging options

Wireless charging has become a central concept within the iPhone range since 2020. The tech giant would like to play out the map of wireless charging even further in the future. It is not yet clear when the new innovations will be introduced. But at the moment there would already be experiments with new possibilities.

There has been some discussion in Europe about charging options in recent times. Indeed, the European Commission proposed to USB-C the charging standard to make.

That proposal also got the ball rolling at Apple to think about the charging options of their products. According to the tech giant a mandatory cable destroyed the innovation possibilities, while that should be encouraged.

Despite the fierce words, it appears that Apple itself continues to think about a better charging option. According to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple is developing a wireless charger for multiple devices.

Taking old ideas out of the drawer

Wireless charging has been central to the iPhone model since the introduction of MagSafe in 2020. That is why it is also a good opportunity to continue to innovate.

The idea of ​​bringing a wireless charger to the market to charge multiple Apple products is a concept that Apple has been working on before. In 2017, Apple already announced this product under the name AirPower. Persistent development issues forced Apple to put the idea away again.

According to Gurman, Apple sees many more possibilities in the wireless charging spectrum. For example, the tech giant wants to ensure that an iPad can charge an iPhone in the future, while the iPhone can charge AirPods again. While most of it also happens wirelessly.

Wireless charging the norm

While the European Commission is considering USB-C as a charging standard, there are more and more rumors that Apple wants to make wireless charging the standard. The tech giant previously announced this about USB-C not to embrace. Innovation in wireless charging makes this option a viable option.

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