Apple is working on the Windows 10 versions of Music and Podcasts

L ‘ iPhone It is the star product of the Apple catalog, however Musica is the flagship service of the brand. A significant source of revenue, it is one of the giant’s “big” products that must find its way across as many platforms as possible.

This explains Apple’s ambition to offer it in competitive environments such as Windows 10 . Actually, this project has been in development for a while. Clearly, new versions of the Music and Podcast applications will be available soon on the Microsoft Store. This file is usually Apple’s secret and little information is known.

However, there is no doubt that Apple wants to offer versions of Windows 10. Why?

Apple Music on Windows 10, testing is ongoing

Was discovered that the “beta” versions of these two applications have been deployed in the Microsoft Store. They target Windows 10 users, but not everyone. The apple brand has deliberately limited the number of testers. The goal is to collect feedback, correct the latest bugs, and make the final adjustments to get the final “consumer” versions.

This is all not a surprise. This is not the first time that Apple has been interested in Windows 10. iTunes, for example, is available in this environment. Finally we do not have At the moment there is no information on a date for the “general public” deployment of this whole little world.

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