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Apple keynote 2020: a watch, a tablet, but no smartphone

September 2020 keynote logo (Apple)

It has become a habit, in September, Apple offers a huge keynote where the company announces all its new products. This year is no exception, although the coronavirus crisis has shaken Apple’s plans a bit. The presentation will take place online this Tuesday evening from Apple Park in Cupertino. On the program: Apple Watch, iPad, new programs, but no iPhone 12.

The appointment is made: this Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. (Belgian time), the 2020 keynote will begin. You can follow her quietly from your armchair on YouTube or on the Apple site.

The title of this keynote is “Time flies”, translated into good French as “Le temps file”. The great novelty of this presentation will therefore naturally be the new Apple Watch, which is already in its 6e model. The latest version of the iPad Air will also be announced. But the long awaited iPhone 12 will not be there. The coronavirus crisis has delayed production and the brand’s new smartphone would ultimately not be released until the end of October. A second event will therefore be organized to present the 4 new models.

Apple Watch 6

At first glance, the new apple watch would not be revolutionary. According to the latest rumors, very few new features have been added compared to the Series 5. Unless Apple has – for once – managed to keep its new product a secret.

The news :

  • An oximeter: to determine the level of oxygen in the blood.
  • A better battery: 303.8 mAh against 296 mAh for the previous version
  • A fast charging function
  • A sleep tracking program: reason the battery and recharging speed have been improved.
  • Software for detecting heart attacks or high stress levels: the user will be alerted directly and advice will be provided

For the design, we would stay on the same boxes as the Series 4 and 5. New colors could be added.

According to the latest rumors, Apple will announce not one, but two watches tonight. The little news would be Apple Watch SE, which – like iPhone SE – would be less expensive, but also less efficient. This information has not been confirmed at all, so it will be the big surprise of the evening.

iPad Air 4

The iPad Pro 11 was released last March. It is therefore now up to the iPad Air to experience a little facelift.

The news :

  • A screen between 10.8 and 11 inches and reduced edges
  • A Touch ID in the Power button, but no Face ID
  • The Lightning port could (maybe) be replaced with a USB-C port, but it’s not safe at all.
  • An A14 chip: the most powerful on the market, thus giving priority to the iPhone 12 which should also have one, and allowing the iPad Air to compete a little more with the iPad Pro.

An iPadOS 14 could also be announced at the same time.

Other accessories

The keynote will not be limited to these two big announcements. Brand new accessories could be added to the range already offered by Apple. The two most anticipated are:

  • The AirPods Studio : a wireless audio headset with a classier version and a sportier version. Apple would thus offer an alternative to its AirPods.
  • The AirTags: an object tracker that will be placed on keys, in a bag or on any other object of importance. The Key Finder – as it is called in English – could then be easily found using the Find My app on your phone.

Their announcement is not official, so it is possible that these objects will not be found in the 2020 keynote. We will then have to wait to know all the details.


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