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Revolution software tonight announced Beyond a Steel Sky, a sequel to the dystopic cyberpunk adventure game, released in 1994: Beneath a Steel Sky.

Announced at the Apple keynote and as part of the Apple Arcade presentation, it should be released this year PCs, devices and Apple consolesalthough the latter have not yet been specified. According to its developers, Beyond a Steel Sky tells youNo history of loyalty in a world driven by IA. Like his illustrious ancestor, the writing promises to have a humorous tone, based on the drawings of Dave Gibbons. Charles Cecil, founder and CEO of Revolution Software, said on this occasion:

Even after so many years, fans of the original game are still incredibly loyal and passionate – and have continued to make themselves heard asking for a sequel. Adventure games are played by a wide and varied audience, who loves stories and riddles. Our approach was to write an intelligent, witty and totally intuitive adventure game that did not involve any prior knowledge of the original game or its universe.

No release date at the moment, but we are told an expected release for this year.

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