Apple leaves the cat out of the bag



Friday 19 October 2018

Facial recognition instead of the fingerprint sensor? This is just a very controversial rumor that revolves around an Apple release date now proposed. There are signs of new tablets and laptops.

Apple has announced another news presentation, which should be a new model of iPad tablets and Macbook laptops. The event of 30 October is not in California, but in New York, as announced by the technology company. As usual, Apple has not commented on what is being presented.

The Bloomberg financial service, however, had written some time ago that Apple wanted to bring an update of iPad Pro in the autumn on the market – the most expensive and most powerful version of the tablet PC. It is expected that, similarly to the iPhone, the edges of the screen are very thin and the display fills almost the entire front. As a result, FaceID recognition is also expected to replace the previous fingerprint sensor in the iPad.

In addition, the group has prepared a modernized version of its cheaper Macbook Air laptop according to Bloomberg. According to market researchers, the Apple notebook that sells more, but technically it is far behind the other model. With up-to-date iPads and laptops, Apple could begin an even more lucrative holiday season after the company presented its new iPhone models as usual in September.





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