Apple makes more efforts to sell the new iPhone – iGeneration


The staff came to lend a hand to Apple's marketing teams to boost iPhone sales in October, he reports Bloomberg. As presented, it was not a planned work force. Employees who worked on other projects would be sought to strengthen the troops, in a context of not very good sales.

The offer of advanced recovery on the Apple website.

Immediately after the release of the iPhone XS and XR, reductions were made on these models (on Amazon, especially during Black Friday) and Apple improved its recovery offer in the United States. from BloombergApple Store sellers are invited to mention this program more frequently to customers.

There were other signs of sales not at the expected level, such as a supplier that abruptly revised its forecasts and operators in Japan who lowered the price of the iPhone XR associated with a package. The announcement of the cessation of the number of units sold each quarter could also be interpreted as a stagnation or a decline in the future.

In the middle of all this, Greg Joswiak, vice president of product marketing at Apple, spoke at the end of November to ensure that the iPhone XR was the iPhone "The most popular" since its launch on October 26th.

If they are rare, even rapid rate cuts are not completely new. In 2007, the first iPhone saw its price drop of $ 200 just three months after its release. The following year, Apple collaborated with operators to make the iPhone 3G more accessible with a package.



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