Apple may launch Apple Pencil 3 and AirPods 3 at Spring Loaded on April 20.

Apple and its partners launch the first $ 200 million Restore Fund (Natural Restoration Fund). To accelerate solving natural problems related to climate change Invest in innovative forests and responsible packaging to deliver climate and financial returns.

Apple and Conservation International have partnered with the conservation organization in Kenya. To restore the degraded savannah in the Chyulu Hills if it is expanded to cover the entire Africa. Restoring the savannah can remove hundreds of millions of tons of carbon from the atmosphere each year. Photo: Charlie Shoemaker, taken for Conservation International.

Apple today announced an unprecedented carbon removal initiative. The project, called the Restore Fund, will invest in a forest project to remove carbon from the atmosphere at the same time. Building on financial returns for investors, Conservation International and Goldman Sachs co-launched the program, Apple raised $ 200 million, aiming to remove at least 1 million metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere each year. This is equivalent to the amount of fuel used by more than 200,000 passenger cars, along with demonstrating a practical financial model. This will help expand the scope of investment in forest restoration.

“Nature provides the best tools for removing carbon from the atmosphere, forests, wetlands. Grasslands extract carbon from the atmosphere and are permanently stored in the soil, roots and branches, ”said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives. Financial and real and measurable carbon changes. We aim to drive change even further in the future. This promotes global investment in carbon elimination. ”We hope that others Will share a goal with us and sacrifice its resources to help support and protect this vital ecosystem. ”

The effort is part of Apple’s larger goal of becoming carbon neutral in all value chain activities by 2030, as the company aims to reduce its carbon footprint from supply chains and products by 75 percent directly. By 2030, the fund will address the remaining 25 percent of Apple’s carbon footprint by removing carbon from the atmosphere. Trees absorb carbon gas as they grow. The researchers estimate that tropical forests can store more carbon than humans have emitted from coal, oil and natural gas over the past 30 years, despite ongoing deforestation. The partnership aims to unlock the potential of natural solutions by expanding the scope in ways that enable businesses to Generate interest to invest

Apple has partnered with Conservation International and Komaza, the company. “Micro Forestry” Sustainable In Kenya To support positive change in carbon Variety of news And social economic development. (Photo: Will Swanson, Komaza)

To ensure that the carbon contained in forests is accurately quantified and prevented from returning to the atmosphere, the Restore Fund uses a powerful international standard developed by a recognized organization. Such accepted as Verra, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and the UN Climate Convention, with a focus on profitable forest investments. This will help improve biodiversity through the creation of buffer areas and nature reserves.

Conservation International is a co-investor in the fund and helps ensure projects meet stringent environmental and social standards. Goldman Sachs manages the fund. All three parties will propose new projects later this year.

“Innovation is at the heart of Apple’s approach to climate change, and Goldman Sachs is delighted to partner with them and Conservation International,” said Dina Powell, Goldman’s Global Head of Sustainability and Inclusive Growth. Sachs said, “We all agree that urgent matters of climate change require private capital for management along with new actions. And developed with the goal of sustainable removal of carbon from the atmosphere with stringent high standards. We believe that the launch of this fund could catalyze an additional significant investment in climate impact. ”

Apple Forestry Actions

The Restore Fund builds on Apple’s legacy of deforestation. For three years, Apple uses 100 percent responsible sourced wood pulp in its packaging. As well as improving the management of more than 1 million acres of global forests, Apple has pioneered an unprecedented carbon project with Conservation International. Which will protect and restore the grassland Wetlands and forests

“Investing in nature can remove carbon more efficiently. It also produces results that are significantly faster than any other current technology. As the world faces climate change affecting the world today. We need new creative approaches. That can reduce carbon emissions, ”said Dr. M. Sanjayan, CEO of Conservation International. “We are excited to continue our long-standing relationship with Apple, and we believe the latest approach with Restore Fund will make a big difference and benefit communities around the world. Whether it is a new job position And investment that will support every Matters from education to health care “

In 2018, Apple joined forces with the conservation organization. Including local governments and conservation organizations in Colombia. To protect and restore mangrove forests covering an area of ​​27,000 acres.

In 2018, Apple joined forces with the conservation organization. Local government And an organization for the conservation of nature in Colombia To protect and restore mangrove forests in the country It will cover 27,000 acres with an aim to store 1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide over the course of the project. These mangroves not only help protect the shoreline but also promote the livelihoods of the inhabitants of those communities. Mangrove forests are also 10 times more carbon-intensive than other types of forests. This project is the first to implement the “Blue Carbon” methodology in order to seriously focus on the entire mangrove system. Both above and below the surface of the water In order to reduce the impact from the climate

Apple and Conservation International have also partnered with local conservation organizations in Kenya. To restore the deteriorated savannah in the Chyulu Hills, an area between the three national parks in Kenya and bordering the Kilimanjaro National Park in Tanzania, the range has expanded to include grasslands and savannahs in nature. Throughout Africa, hundreds of millions of tons of carbon from the atmosphere can be removed each year. It also benefits local communities and wildlife as well.

Apple customers can also be a part of supporting these efforts, with every Apple Pay purchase from today through Earth Day, Apple makes a donation to Conservation International. To support the work of the organization in the conservation and protection of the environment

Working with forests and environmentally responsible packaging

Since 2017, 100 percent of the new wood pulp used in Apple packaging has come from environmentally responsible sources. This is a forest that produces responsibly managed returns in the same way that the Restore Fund intends to invest. This shows that the company’s best-in-class material recycling approach is part of that goal. One day, a company will make its products using only entirely recyclable or reusable materials.

Moving on to this goal involves constant innovation. Which has the potential to change the future of sustainable packaging. Following the release of the first iPhone to come with mostly wood pulp packaging in 2016, Apple’s newest iPhone 12 lineup is now delivered to customers in packaging made up of 93 percent wood pulp material. This includes a wood pulp screen cover that protects the monitor. It is also the first use in place of standard plastic film.

Since 2017, 100 percent of the new wood pulp used in Apple packaging has come from environmentally responsible sources.

Apple has also played a direct role in supporting responsible wood pulp production. In partnership with the Conservation Fund and the World Wildlife Fund, Apple has been improving the management of profitable forests in more than 1 million acres in the United States and China since 2015.

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