Apple pays for your old iPhone

Apple, like some other manufacturers, has a trade-in program. With it you can trade in your old iPhone and get your new Apple phone a little cheaper. This is also possible with the new iPhone SE 20202. But first let’s take a look at the prices of the new iPhone.

Apple iPhone SE 2020 prices

The newest Apple iPhone SE from 2020 costs 479 euros in the smallest memory variant with 64 GB. If the storage is doubled, the price rises to 529 euros. With another doubling, Apple calls 649 euros. Happily, for a 128 GB memory chip. The prices do not change if you choose Product Red.

However, the fiery red iPhone SE is the best choice if you want to do something good with the purchase, because Apple donations are used to fight AIDS for every red iPhone sold. If you still do not want to buy a red model, you have the little tingling choice between a black and a white model.


iOS 13


A13 Bionic


4.7 inches, 750 x 1,334 pixels

random access memory

3 GB

Internal memory

64 GB

Main camera

4272×2848 (12.2 megapixels)

battery pack

2,691 mAh

inductive charging
USB port

IP certification

IP67 (protection against immersion)


148 g


Black White Red

Introductory price

iPhone SE 2 (64 GB): € 479, iPhone SE 2 (128 GB): € 529, iPhone SE 2 (256 GB): € 649

Market launch

April 2020

Apple’s Trade-In – This brings your old iPhone

The prices of the new iPhone can be reduced by sending in an old iPhone. So you can get back up to 430 euros from Apple. The price for the new iPhone SE would be around 50 euros. However, it is a milk girl bill that this is not true, since you have to take into account the price of the smartphone to be sent in at least in part.

In addition, the amount also depends on the condition and storage capacity of the iPhone. The list of Apple’s trade-in buy-back prices always includes the maximum amount that is possible per cell phone:

Apple usually spends less money in its trade-in program than you can get from a used sale. For this, the processing is low-risk and you do not have to worry about an advertisement and selling on eBay or classified ads portals. The new iPhone 11s and devices older than the iPhone 6 are not in the trade-in program of the new iPhone SE. We will show you how to dispose of your ancient iPhone in another article. We have put together creative ideas for what else you can do with these cell phones in a separate article:

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