Apple prepares the most powerful chip in its history for Mac, it is called M3

The M3 Pro will be the base to show the power with which the M3 Ultra and Max will work. (Unsplash)

The new generation of chips Apple It is already on the way and the first details have been released about one of the versions that the next processors will have that will provide more power and performance.

Mark Gurman, from Bloomberg, was in charge of revealing the information about the M3 Proof which the company has not confirmed anything for now, but which is expected to come out at the end of 2023 or at the beginning of 2024.

The information is delivered by the journalist after having learned about the work of a developer of App Store and because the chip would be tested in a new MacBook Pro con macOS 14.

This processor would be in the middle of this new generation, behind the M3 Max and the m3 Ultra, so the news that was revealed would benefit these two chips with more power.

The new chips would be manufactured under the 3 nanometer process, which is the unit of measurement to establish the size of these devices. This will allow the company to include better performance in CPU processing, quality in the internal graphics card (GPU) and balance in energy consumption.

In technical terms, this M3 Pro it would incorporate a 12-core CPU and an 18-core GPU. What becomes a substantial improvement compared to the two previous versions, by raising the standards in all sections, but presenting a similar format for its operation.

The M3 Pro will be the base to show the power with which the M3 Ultra and Max will work.

For example, regarding the 12 CPU cores, six of them will be dedicated to performance and the other six to work efficiency, an aspect that favors energy consumption.

The point at which it will have a substantial change, compared to M1 and M2, is in the RAM memory, which goes from being 32 GB, in the two previous versions, to having 36 GB. An architecture that extends the range of processing to operate more tasks at the same time and with greater stability.

According to Gurman, these changes may be as expected for the Pro model, but they are important to build the base of the two most powerful models, since their features could be expanded to reach 28 cores for the CPU and 80 for the graphics card. .

Since 2021, Apple decided to work with its own processors, which has allowed its devices to have better performance, giving devices like iPad can run professional programs, such as Final Cut Pro, a demanding editing platform.

The M3 Pro will be the base to show the power with which the M3 Ultra and Max will work. (Unsplash)

the glasses mixed reality from Apple, are other of the products expected by the company and will be presented during the Worldwide Developers Conference 2023 at the company’s headquarters on June 5, and more details about its characteristics and operation are already known.

According to Mark Gurman, a journalist specializing in information about the Cupertino company, the device will have an operating system called realityOS and a starter app pack to get users started experiencing mixed reality features as soon as possible.

The first applications to appear on glasses Apple They would be those that are pre-established in all the company’s devices, such as Calendar, Photos, Messages or Maps, which could appear in a similar way to their version for cell phones or tablets (a “floating” box in the viewer).

On the other hand, Apple is working on developing a version of the Books application, so that content can be read in a virtual reality environment, although this would also require establishing a version of the App Store that offers content optimized for this new platform.

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