Apple products on the shelves Amazon after the war between the two giants


Apple Group has been able to sign an agreement with Amazon that allows the latter to acquire the privilege to sell phones for iPhone and Apple Pro computers and smart iPad cards in addition to the fourth generation of Apple smart watches and "Bates" products through their stores. The agreement between the two groups will allow users to access equipment directly through Amazon stores worldwide.

The Apple Group and its authorized resellers will also be able to offer the company's core products, including the other Bates brand and officially through Amazon stores, which will include countries outside the United States such as Japan, India, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Great Britain.

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This agreement will make Amazon an official supplier of Apple's most important products. Prices will also be standardized after Amazon has sold unofficial Apple products such as chargers and others. Amazon will remove all previous products from stores, which will need to obtain permission from the Apple Group to sell them.

The agreement is an agreement for the two parties, which will give Amazon the opportunity to include Apple devices, which are popular, during the upcoming Christmas shopping season, and will give the group the opportunity to increase sales of its products through the website and the Amazon application. The agreement excludes the sale of the iPod, because it competes with Amazon's Echo devices.

Amazon and Apple have already faced each other, but not to give us another advantage. The Apple TV platform has caused some problems between the two parties in the past, with Apple wanting to sell its platform via the Amazon site. Apple added the "Prime Video" application to the device, which caused the sale of Amazon to the "Apple TV" platform.



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