Apple removes the Watch 6 from its official online store list

The Verge revealed that Apple removed the Apple Watch Series 6 from its official list after the launch of the new Apple Watch Series 7, and about a month after its official announcement at the event last September, which also saw the announcement of the iPhone 13 series.

And if the user wants to buy a new watch from Apple, he will have only three options: the new Series 7, whose price starts at $399, the SE watch, which starts at $ 279, and the Series 3 watch, whose price starts at $ 199, and the user can buy Series 6 watch if he wants to, but not from Apple directly, but he has to search for stores that provide this watch, including Amazon.

This isn’t the first time that Apple has removed a product after launching a newer version of it. It did so last month, for example, when it removed some iPhone 12 models on the day the iPhone 13 series was announced.

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