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With the arrival of the International Day of the Disabled on December 3, Apple earlier used a special tribute video to show how the accessibility features it created can achieve assisting effects in the daily lives of people with disabilities, and at the same time help them play a greater role. creativity.

Apple has been working hard to improve the iPhone, iPad and Mac in the pastAccessibility Designso that people with disabilities can easily use its products, and will not limit their rights to use products due to obstacles and defects, and even make life more convenient with Apple products.

For example, through the visual assistance function, the iPhone can read the description narration, or use the magnifying glass to assist inspection, and even identify whether there is a door in front, and cooperate with the image recognition description function, so that visually impaired users can use the iPhone as their own. “Eye”.

It includes the touch assist function on the iPhone, voice control, and by tracking head movements and facial expressions to replace the cursor control mode on the Mac. As for the voice recognition function of the iPhone and the vibration notification function of the Apple Watch, it can even As the “ear” of hearing-impaired users.

Other auxiliary functions include the ability to read the selected range of text on the iPad, and even assist in operating mobile phone functions through Siri, or operate the camera shutter on the iPhone and Apple Watch with voice control.

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As for the video released this time, Apple uses the auxiliary functions of Apple products to reduce obstacles in life through 7 different people with disabilities in the course of a day.

The song “I am the Greatest” in the film interprets the lyrics, and it is even derived from the speech of the legendary American boxer Muhammad Ali, and uses his classic quotes as the main axis of singing. The soundtrack is performed by the all-female Australian local music group Marliya Choir. Produced by Spinifex Gum, it features improvisation by Juilliard-trained jazz pianist Matthew Whitaker and additional production by self-proclaimed “handicapped disco innovator” Cola Boyy (real name Matthew Urango).

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