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Who would think that smartphones they were going to stay alone like aparatejos to send and receive calls, or write WhatsApp messages, he was wrong. Why it is more than evident that in almost all areas of our life they will have something to say. What the cars include and how we interact with them.

And the latest evidence has appeared a few hours ago when the new beta version of iOS 13.4 has shown that very soon we will be able to use our Apple devices with integrated NFC chips as keys to open, close and start our car. Of course, as long as they are compatible with this CarKey function closely linked to CarPlay.

At the moment only in beta

This new function will allow us to synchronize the iPhone with the car through, first, a new function that we will see in the Wallet application called CarKey, and later doing all the configuration with the official car manufacturer. It will be with the combination of these two processes that we can bring the device closer to the car reader and open it to enter it.

Further, This system has an advantage and that is that we should not fear that the mobile phone or Apple Watch is downloaded to use it, since the NFC chip will be able to work even with the terminal completely off, which prevents us from being immobilized by any mishaps with the battery and the impossibility of recharging it.

iPhone y chips NFC. Unsplash

Another interesting detail about this Apple CarKey is that if the car must be used by other people, we can invite them by sharing the codes corresponding parts of our key, so that they enter and start without problems. A paradigm shift (as the classics would say) that we do not believe will cost us much to adopt in the next times in which this economy of the sharing it is imposed by leaps and bounds.

At the moment car models that will be compatible with this CarKey have not transpired, but the sources of the information warn that Apple is in talks to extend this standard with those brands with which they already collaborate in the installation of CarPlay. We will see how things evolve but it looks very good, because it avoids one of the main dangers of those remote controls that many cars currently incorporate and that can be hacked. With NFC, many of these risks disappear thanks to the fact that it encrypts all the information inside its chip.


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