Apple TV + will integrate augmented reality content in its series and movies on the iPhone and iPad, according to Bloomberg

Not so long since content streaming it was not so important in our free time but now we have enough active platforms not to know which one to subscribe to, and not being able to subscribe to all of them. Hence, the competition between them has become even more bloody, focusing more than ever on the production of their own content without neglecting exclusive functionalities.

In one of the latter, Apple works for its Apple TV + service. Bloomberg account that the company plans to go a step further in integrating its service with its iPhone and iPad and provide them with an extra. It looks like, Apple wants to add augmented reality content that can integrate our environment with the series and thus elevate the viewing experience.

Series and movies with augmented reality

Apple does not want us to get in front of the phone or tablet and hit play, attending the show completely passively. The North American company plans to use augmented reality to make the experience immersive and force us, to some extent, to participate in it “removing “some parts of the contents and” putting them “next to us, In the real world.

To do this, it will use augmented reality, the examples of which we have already seen many times. Contents projected on real scenarios previously mapped by the device, in this case an iPhone or an iPad, and that allow us not only to see them but also to interact with them through our mobile or tablet.

Augmented reality will be a bonus like additional video clips or director commentary tracks

Apple plans to add content in augmented reality that allow us, for example, to access three-dimensional maps of lunar vehicles while we play “For All Mankind”, being able to project this vehicle on the surface we want. These augmented reality pieces would be considered additional content, such as bonus video clips or the director’s commentary audio track.

It looks like, this functionality will come to Apple TV + next year 2021 and it will prepare the ground for a new device dedicated and built around augmented and virtual reality (perhaps the Apple Glasses) that should reach the market in 2022. We will see if with these improvements, Apple TV + gains places compared to its competition, getting stronger with the greater investment in Netflix and HBO Max content, or with a Disney + that is always a threat due to the size of its owner and creator.

Via | Bloomberg

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