Apple Watch lost, how to find it and what to do, 2022 update

It’s possible to take off your Apple Watch and forget to put it back on. When searching for yourself, you may not be able to find it. The team has a way to find and what to do when Apple Watch is lost. Let’s recommend to watch.

Apple Watch lost, how to find it and what to do, 2022 update

1. Find Apple with Find My App on iPhone

Go to Find My app > Device tab, tap Select Apple Watch > tap Play Sound.

Hear Apple Watch beep If the machine is nearby, it can be heard.

We can also tap Directions to find Apple Watch as indicated on the map.

If you search and can’t find your Apple Watch, it’s possible that your Apple Watch is lost.

2. Lock Apple Watch with Lost Mode

If we are sure that our Apple Watch is lost or stolen suggest that we lock the device to prevent thieves from accessing our data Including preventing the device to be resold It can be identified as lost mode as follows.

Go to Find My app > Device tab, select Apple Watch > In Mark As Lost section, tap Activate > We’ll see a description of how Apple Watch will behave when Lost Mode is on. Some, let us tap Continue (Continue).

Enter a phone number and tap Next > enter a message for a callback and tap Next.

After turning on Lost Mode, your Apple Watch is disabled. A text message and phone number will be displayed on the Apple Watch screen for the person holding the Apple Watch to contact us back.

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If you find your Apple Watch or get your Apple Watch back, you can tap Unlock and enter your passcode to continue using it.

3. Remote wipe to protect local data

If we’ve been searching for an Apple Watch with Lost Mode for a while and haven’t found it, it’s likely stolen. We recommend that we block your Apple Watch to protect sensitive information such as saved payment methods. Other personal data can be deleted as follows:

Go to Find My app > Device tab, tap on Apple Watch > tap Erase This Device.

Tap Continue > enter a phone number, then tap Delete (Erase).

Once removed, the Apple Watch is completely wiped. to protect local data Prevent misuse, which on the Apple Watch screen will display the phone number that we have entered on the screen. so that people who collect them can contact us

If we can’t find Apple Watch and turn on Lost Mode or Remote Wipe. It is recommended that we report to the police that the device has been lost. The police may ask for a serial number. If the device is lost, see the serial number on the box.

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