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The Apple Watch smartwatch will receive a meter in one of the next two iterations. Writes about this British edition The Telegraph with reference to Rockley Photonics startup documents, which is preparing for an IPO.

According to these documents, the startup, founded in 2013, is developing “next-generation sensors” that can count blood sugar and alcohol in a non-invasive way. That is, blood sampling is not required, and users will be able to find out the sugar level at any time.

It also became known from the documents that Apple will be the main customer of Rockley Photonics, bringing most of the startup’s income over the past 2-3 years. At the same time, the companies have a “supply and development agreement” through which the startup hopes to remain dependent on Apple for the next few years.

The appearance of blood sugar and alcohol sensors on the market will happen next year, but what exactly these devices will be is still unknown. In this case, The Telegraph folded “1 + 1” and came to quite logical results: the first such sensors will receive the Apple Watch.

The main problem is that we wrote about the glucometer in Apple Watch in January with reference to the Korean edition AND News… According to him, the sensor will receive a seventh generation watch, which is expected to be released this year:

By the way, in this text I talked about how such non-invasive glucometers can work.

But the Rockley Photonics docs say very different things:

We plan to begin shipping final samples to customers in the first half of 2022, with consumer wearable devices manufacturing and software development starting in the second half of 2022.

From the Rockley Photonics docs

That is, this year, apparently, the glucometer in the Apple Watch 7 is not worth waiting for. It’s a pity, a very cool opportunity for clock development. According to the WHO, 422 million people with diabetes mellitus of varying degrees live in the world. And for them an Apple Watch with a blood glucose meter would make sense.


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