Apple wipes sold out in the first week of listing and re-launched on official website- Hong Kong

Originally provided with the Apple Pro Display XDR package to allow users to clean the surface of the nano-coated screen, Apple decided to sell it independently in October last year and put it on the official retail store and online store. Unexpectedly, the price is as high as $19 ( HK$149 in Hong Kong), but it still sold out in its first week of listing.

This wiping cloth is even more exaggerated in markets such as the United States. It has been cleared by fruit fans on the first day of listing, and websites such as eBay have even speculated prices. The wipes have been out of stock since they were briefly released in October. Until yesterday, a foreign website found that they have been re-listed in Apple’s official online stores in many places around the world, including Hong Kong. The price remains at HK$149. Buy online and receive it as soon as Friday (January 14th).

In fact, after Apple’s wipe cloths were out of stock last year, the website showed that the pre-ordered arrival date was January 2022, which now proves that Apple’s supply chain arrangement is quite complete. Although the price of wipes is higher than that of similar products in the market, it attracts many consumers. Even Samsung and Tesla have followed suit, sending out or launching their own versions, which immediately attracted more interest from netizens who could not buy them.

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