Apple would give a discount to the Chinese sellers of the iPhone


Chinese consumers have obviously been reluctant to buy the latest iPhone, causing a warning about Apple's historical results. The fault lies in a difficult macroeconomic environment, explained Tim Cook, mainly due to the commercial tensions with the United States. Apple also suffers from the strength of the dollar, which translates into high prices in other parts of the world.

Show that the manufacturer can be more flexible when necessary: ​​according to the Daily Daily BusinessChinese retailers can buy iPhone 8/8 Plus, XS / XS Max and XR at a small discount. If most of the smartphones are offered at less than 400 yuan (about € 50), the iPhone XR has an extra boost: the Apple discount is 450 yuan (€ 57).

This reduces the price of the colorful iPhone to 5,250 yuan, the equivalent of € 668. This remains very high for the average person, especially in a renewal market where local competition is strong and where sales have declined abruptly in 2018 (read: The Chinese puzzle from Apple and Samsung).

Will these reductions that sellers can apply to consumers be enough to increase iPhone sales in the country? Hard to say for the moment. Apple will present the results of its first fiscal quarter 2019 (covering the last three months of 2018) on January 29: perhaps Tim Cook will have clarification on the subject.



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