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iPhone 14 Pro

according to The Information reports, the latest generation iPhone 14 Pro The A16 Bionic chip used was originally planned to adopt a next-generation display unit that supports light-tracing technology, but because a key design error was discovered in the later stage of product development, Apple had to abandon light-tracing and adopt a more conservative solution. Originally, the software simulation showed that the optical tracking function could be added under the constraints of heat generation and power consumption, but after the actual prototype was built, it was discovered that the chip consumes much more power than expected, and the battery life and heat generation exceeded what Apple could accept. upper limit.

The result is that Apple, which usually likes to emphasize the new generation of processors, paid little attention to the A16 at the press conference. Although the A16 has improved in terms of power-saving cores, neuron engines, and image processors (ISPs), it does lack highlights that can be used to emphasize. In the part about the display, it only mentioned that “the memory bandwidth is 50% more than that of the A15”, which may not have changed in essence.

The Information links this to the recent difficulties Apple’s silicon team has encountered. Although the leadership of Jony Srouji, the vice president of hardware technology, is extremely efficient, but at the same time, the requirements for employees are also extremely high. The team has been facing the barriers of cutting-edge technology and the loss of personnel for a long time. Some of the manpower was transferred to Apple’s competitors or start-up companies. It is rumored that Apple also briefed engineers on the high risks and high failure rates of start-up companies in an attempt to limit the loss of personnel.

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