Technology Apple's iOS is 14 and allows users to watch...

Apple’s iOS is 14 and allows users to watch YouTube videos in 4k hdr streaming using vp9 codec, audio and video – News

What I mean by this is that there are closed platforms. This is a kind of market in the hands of a single company.

If, for example, Microsoft is a very good product at a reasonable price, is successful, then that’s great, but if they are, then their product is closed source, to keep it or not specsheets release, no one, no harsh corners to go, still have to play in that market. In the end, the whole of the office market has been hijacked by Microsoft.

I think it’s fine if the companies are successful, but if they are competitive in their own market, make it impossible.

If there is anything substantial against the world of capitalism will kick in, it’s that the big tech companies.

I would rather have legislation that dictates that all competitors will undermine that can either be open source under a copyleft license, or documented and must be provided in addition to the products, at any cost. And if those specs aren’t accurate, and that the product will meet the spec needs to be changed, whether or not, in the opinion of the court.

In order for a fair competition, I think the opening up of the platforms. Let there be but the number of shops on an iPhone will be available, with integration into the apple app Store.

Edit: in the case of Youtube, there is no competitive disadvantage to your service, it may just be Youtube, search, and embedded video to display on your own web site.

Edit2: However, it may be better to decentralisen.

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