Apple’s upcoming glasses help correct vision

New leaks mentioned that the upcoming Apple glasses will be useful for people who use prescription glasses and help correct vision problems.
According to a new patent awarded to Apple on Thursday and spotted by AppleInsider, new Apple glasses may contain a lens system that adjusts to fit a user’s prescription.

The patent in question is titled “Adjustable Lens Systems”, and describes an intelligent system of lenses that can be manipulated to function as a regular pair of eyeglasses. The difference is that the system adjusts the position of the lenses automatically, and anyone – with or without eyeglasses – can use them without any problems.

This can be achieved using an array of liquid crystal lenses, where the liquid substance inside can change its optical properties when a current passes through them. Apple says in the patent documents that such a system could also help people with various visual problems, such as presbyopia (the inability to focus at a certain distance).

And the smart system was able to bypass one big obstacle that lies in front of smart glasses technology. Using another pair of smart glasses over prescription glasses is not comfortable at all, and manufacturers will usually have to offer different models with different refractive standards to suit each consumer, while Apple glasses can adjust the lenses Using electrodes and an electric current based on where the user is looking, the glasses can correct vision as well.

The use of this futuristic adjustable lens system not only makes smart glasses more comfortable and easy to handle, but also helps advance vision correction technology. It is expected that these glasses will be launched between the third and fourth quarters of this year, at a price of $ 499, according to the iPhone Arena website.

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