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AppleWatch, Mac, iPhone & Co: Cross-platform compatibility of the apps | 03/29/20

Turn at Apple: In the future, programmers can offer an app for all Apple devices – now also Macs. What this change means.

• Apple introduces Universal Purchase
• Also valid for in-app purchases
• MacOS is no longer excluded from software bundling

In its developer news section, tech giant Apple recently announced a change related to software bundling.

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Bundling extended to MacOS

Software bundling for apps at Apple is generally nothing new. But so far this was only available for iPhone and iPad software, MacOS was there separately. With the Universal Purchase, that should now change. In the future, programmers can design apps as a bundle for all devices of the iGroup. This way, users pay money once for an app and can then use it on their iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac. The optimized cross-platform compatibility also applies to in-app purchases or subscriptions.

Apple apps: what changes will result

As the iGroup informs on its developer page, a common bundle ID is required for uploading an app for multiple platforms. The apps must also be “linked to the same app record in App Store Connect,” it says on the page. “Your app will be available as a universal purchase after at least two platform versions of App Review have been approved.” Once the apps have been accepted for two platforms, the universal purchase can no longer be deactivated or converted to a single version.

However, it is not possible to merge apps that are already available in different versions. If programmers want to enable universal purchase for their existing apps, they have to remove all but one app. The removed applications must then be added to the bundle ID of the existing app. Here, however, there is a risk that there will be complications with App Store entries, paid offers or updates.

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