Apply These 8 Habits to Maintain Finances, Jakarta Habits are thoughts and actions that are performed consistently and repeatedly. However, some people ignore this habit.

Fortunately, habits can be changed with awareness, intention and practice, and this holds true even with financial problems.

Citing a page, Saturday (19/6/2021) here are 8 practices to get to financial freedom:

1. Set meaningful goals

Destination finance can be immediate or complex, immediate or long-term. You may want to deposit a certain amount in a few months, or open a fixed deposit account. You may want to pay off debt or build an investment portfolio.

Choose goals that add value to your life and are important to you. Get in the habit of thinking about it often.

Goals can help you determine how to respond to situations and keep you on track in managing your finances.

For example, should you make that purchase now or save money to achieve your goal?

2. Track your spending

Budgeting helps you know where your money is going. Get in the habit of tracking your expenses, reviewing them, and adjusting your budget as needed.

This may feel like a chore, but once you start doing it, you will be able to better manage your money to meet your needs, wants and goals.

3. Stay organized

Get in the habit of tidying up your financial life. The data you collect should be stored neatly. Reassess your goal to make sure it’s relevant and you’re on the right track. Get rid of unwanted distractions.


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