Appointment and form of complaints of suspended ration cards for not updating the data and correcting the points of complaint

After the expiry of the Ministry of supplies to update data and registration of new births, the ration cards will be stopped that have not been updated by the owners, and the Ministry has opened complaints, and there will be steps to appeal to the suspension of the card rationing and comes the decision for the citizen to protest against the decision to cancel the support, an attempt by the Egyptian Ministry of supplies to give another opportunity to retarded citizens in the process of correcting their data.

From Saturday 10 November, the Ministry of supplies will receive complaints about the suspension of ration cards: 30 million national data have requested data updates: over 27 million citizens are correcting their data, leaving only about 1 million citizens By filing a claim to continue to benefit from the subsidy and bread subsidies, these are the steps to take.

The complaint passes from the update of the rationing card

Steps to send complaints of ration cards

1 – Go to one of the supply offices scattered throughout the Republic

2 – Request the form "provision of the rationing service" and fill out the form with the complaint and write down the names of those registered with the card and the image of the national number of beneficiaries with support and write your own phone number, and after complete information on the form provided to the Supplies Office.

3 – You will receive a receipt from the supply office confirming that you have registered.

4. The supply office will wait for the data to be examined and recorded on the computer, after which the Military Production Information Center will send the data to the administrative control authority for the review.

5. The Post Office will notify you of the acceptance of your complaint if this has been done.

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