Apranga’s turnover decreased by 25.5 percent this year. up to 38 million EUR Business

In April alone, the turnover amounted to 12.5 million. EUR – 2.4 times more than at the same time last year, the company announced through the Nasdaq Vilnius Stock Exchange.

She points out that last year from March 16 to April 18 all the stores of the group in Lithuania were closed, and until April 25, only the store with a separate entrance from the outside could operate, therefore the turnover is not comparable.

According to the report, the turnover was affected by the temporary closure of stores due to quarantine.

During the four months of this year, the turnover of the Apranga Group’s network decreased by 13.5% in Lithuania, 55.3% in Latvia and 21% in Estonia. In April alone, the turnover grew 3.7 times in Lithuania, 12.3 per cent in Latvia and 17 per cent in Estonia.

Apranga Group currently operates a network of 174 stores (101 in Lithuania, 48 in Latvia and 25 in Estonia).

Apranga shares are quoted on the Official Trading List of the Nasdaq Vilnius Stock Exchange.


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