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April 6 and 8, the days with the most deaths from coronavirus in Mexico

The coronavirus in Mexico continues to claim victims, as the last cut of the Ministry of Public Health (SSa) revealed that 174 patients died from complications of COVID-19 disease.

At a press conference from the National Palace, headed by the undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, It was confirmed that up to April 8, 3,181 cases and 174 deaths from COVID-19 were registered.

With an increase of 33 deaths, it is, so far, the day with more deaths associated with SARS-CoV-2 compared to April 7, when there was an increase in 16 cases and a total of 141 deaths

Also, was above April 6, when in Mexico there were 31 deaths caused by contagions of coronavirus, according to daily reports from the health sector. The total was 125 deaths.

Mexico City remains at the top of the death registry and was classified as the country’s red zone. As of Wednesday, April 8, 39 fatal victims of COVID-19 had accumulated. In addition, it was revealed that the capital has 855 positive patients.

Below is Baja California, where they became the second state of the Republic with a total of 15 deaths. Sinaloa, for its part, reached 13, while the State of Mexico already has 11. The latter is also placed in the second place of infections with 300.

In Mexico, There are already 9,188 suspected cases of coronavirus. Negative cases reached 17,209. The confirmations of contagion by COVID-19, on the other hand, add up to 3,181 until the last information cut. In total, a total of 29,578 patients were examined.

However, Hugo López-Gatell presented an estimate of the positive cases in Mexico. According to the undersecretary, we could reach the 26,519 infected in the country, eight times more than now confirmed.

This calculation, he assured, was carried out with attention to even the smallest detail and thanks to the naming procedure sentinel surveillance, which was used during the H1N1 influenza health emergency in 2009.

“It is a scientifically proven method of efficient surveillance. The system has been refined to recognize how the coronavirus epidemic behaves in the countryGatell assured the press.

The undersecretary remarked that Trust in the data and its interpretation due to the existence of epidemiological methods. He assured that due to the nature of the phenomenon of disease spread, they cannot be measured directly. We are talking about extensive and changing situations, which would render another type of direct measurement useless.

On the other hand, Phase 3 of coronavirus infections in Mexico is expected to arrive in mid-April, so prevention measures issued by the SSa are essential at this time of the epidemic, since could prevent the numbers of infected and deaths from skyrocketing.

Simple tasks like saving the healthy distance of approximately 1.5 meters between each person, as well as washing your hands continuously or disinfecting them with alcohol, without essentials for the third phase.

Nevertheless, the most important of all is to stay at home, to the extent possible, to avoid exposure to the virus and a subsequent contagion from people who live or live with you.

The Ministry of Health recommended that all workers in branches that are not essential to society, they must keep working from home or suspend it permanently until April 29, the day the closure will end.


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