April updates slow down Windows


After installing the April patches from Microsoft, users cannot work normally on their computers.

As previously reported by SecurityLab, after installing the April updates on computers running Windows 10 with Sophos, Avast or Avira security solutions, there were problems with the system. However, this problem was not the only one.

Complaints about a severe computer slowdown after installing April 10 updates for Windows 10 and Windows 7 have started appearing on the Web. In particular, the system has started booting up and rebooting much longer, some programs have stopped to work, the delay in games has increased, there have been problems with video transmission, etc.

The cause of the error is still unknown. Users of the Reddit forum assume that the problem may be related to Windows Defender. "Guys, I figured out what the problem was. For some reason, this patch made Windows Defender hate for my antivirus. I realized when I ran several command corrections for system files and tried to scan every system for a possible virus. Therefore, if the same problems occur, try uninstalling the antivirus ", said Reddit user under the pseudonym Rider2403.

Typically, when an antivirus software is running on a system, Windows Defender disables its protection in real time. It seems that the latest updates automatically enable Windows Defender, even if the security solution is already installed on the computer (at least in the case of Rider2403, this is the case). Two antivirus programs running simultaneously can slow down your computer considerably.

Microsoft still does not respond to complaints. Only a brief message appeared on the Avira technical support forum, which advised to uninstall the KB4493509 (for Windows 10) and KB4493472 and KB4493448 (for Windows 7) updates in case of system slowdown.


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