Aquaman would already have a replacement for Amber Heard; would be an asian actress

Although Johnny depp was fired from the saga of Fantastic Animals and his ex-wife Amber Heard ensures that it will continue as Mera in Aquaman 2, it seems that production is looking for his replacement in the event of an immediate layoff.

And it is that according to the journalist Grace Randolph of Beyond The Trailer, even the script of the second part of Aquaman is being rewritten to allow the role of Heard to be “cut if necessary” in the future and thus be able to introduce a second co-star.

Similarly, the communicator indicated that Warner has chosen as a substitute the actress of Killing Eve, Jodie ComerHowever, it seems that director James Wan would be waiting to find an Asian-born interpreter for the second female role.

“Some of you are asking Amber Heard. Like I told you before, they are hiring this new female lead to balance things out and rewriting the script so that Head’s role can be cut down if necessary. But at the moment she is still in Aquaman 2 “, Randolph clarified on his Twitter account.

In case it is confirmed that director Wan is looking for an Asian actress, it is most likely Dolphin, another DC superhero and lover of Aquaman.

The Dolphin comic came out in 1968, it is about a human girl who fell overboard from a cruise ship and was presumed dead, however, she was kidnapped by mysterious aquatic beings who did genetic experiments on her.

At the end of the genetic modifications, all sense of humanity was lost and he was in a wild state, but he manages to escape from his captors and little by little he regains consciousness.

It is worth mentioning that since Depp was fired from Fantastic Animals, his fans created a petition where they have collected more than a million signatures so that Amber is not in Aquaman.

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