Arab artist reveals a special relationship she gathered with Qadhafi: He fasts two and five and does not drink alcohol (video)

Muammar Gaddafi

Tunisian artist Najla revealed a special relationship she had with the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Najla said during a television interview yesterday, Saturday, on the “Al-Hiwar Al-Tunisi” channel, that she was not ashamed of the relationship she had gathered with Qaddafi, stressing that the late was “a pride of her, the Libyans and the Arabs.”

The artist, who had been staying in Egypt for a long time and then got some problems there that prompted her to leave, explained that she had received an invitation from a Libyan channel to participate in a program, and upon her arrival in Libyan lands it was found that Gaddafi invited her after he witnessed one of the interviews she had on a Lebanese TV and spoke In it about its crisis with Egypt.

Najla said that the Libyan leader received her with “a generous chest” and expressed her readiness to help her because he “does not like injustice”, and was affected by her story, noting that on the human level, “a respectable man fasts every Monday and Thursday and does not drink alcohol and does not like smoke.”

The Tunisian artist explained that she refused to mediate for her to resolve her crisis in Egypt, so she offered her to stay and work in Libya, but she refused because the Libyan market is not as big as Egypt, and will not benefit from staying in Libya.

She asked Gaddafi to support her on the technical level, so he funded the production of a set of songs for her and was able to shoot 2 video clips with the most famous directors in Lebanon, Randa Alam, which is very expensive.

Naglaa said that she had visited Gaddafi after that in Libya several times, as the relationship lasted for about a year, confirming that it was “just a relationship of friendship and courtesy of Gaddafi to her and she was staying with him in the presence of his retinue, that is, there is no illegal relationship I gathered with him.”

Source: RT

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