Arab News – The Mufti criticizes the President of the Republic… Parliamentary, political and religious support for Diab

The most important news: Arab News – The Mufti criticizes the President of the Republic… Parliamentary, political and religious support for Diab on: Saturday, August 28 Source – Arab News – Asharq Al-Awsat

The Mufti criticizes the President of the Republic… Parliamentary, political and religious support for Diab

The Lebanese presidency rejects Aoun’s accusation of responsibility for the port explosion

Saturday – Muharram 19 1443 AH – August 28, 2021 AD Issue No. [ 15614]

Mufti Derian poses with Presidents Najib Mikati and Hassan Diab during the opening of a mosque in Beirut yesterday (Al-Watania)


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The “subpoena” issued by the judicial investigator in the case of the Beirut port explosion, Judge Tariq Al-Bitar, against the caretaker prime minister, Hassan Diab, opened the door to a political and religious rally by Sunni leaders around Diab, and raised the level of tension that is escalating between former heads of government and President Michel Aoun. And that was after the loud-worded statement they issued the day before yesterday, in which they accused Aoun of negligence and refraining from taking any action of practical value to prevent the explosion.
Al-Bitar’s memorandum interacted at the political and religious levels, in addition to the legislative level, where the House of Representatives confirmed yesterday that the prosecution against the prime minister is within the competence of Parliament in terms of trying the suspects from the presidents and ministers in the “Supreme Council for the Trial of Presidents and Ministers.”
The Secretary-General of the House of Representatives, Adnan Daher, sent a letter to the Discriminatory Public Prosecution, in which he pointed out that Diab informed Parliament that the judicial investigator had informed him of a paper to appear before him the day before yesterday (Thursday), adding: “Since this procedure does not return to its jurisdiction, according to the articles 70, 71 and 80 of the constitution, and this matter is the subject of a prosecution before the Parliament in preparation for the necessary procedures.”
Article 70 of the Constitution states that the House of Representatives has the right to accuse the Prime Minister and the ministers of committing high treason or violating their duties, and the indictment may only be issued by a two-thirds majority of the total members of the House. As for Article 71, it states that “the prime minister or the accused minister shall be tried before the Supreme Council.”
In parallel with this legislative support in the face of Al-Bitar’s move, Diab won political support and support from “Dar Al-Fatwa”, where the Grand Mufti of the Lebanese Republic, Sheikh Abdel Latif Derian affirmed that “the position of the prime minister is no less important and worthy than any other presidential position in Lebanon. Respecting it is a duty, and we We are keen that this site remains preserved, in order to maintain a balance between the sites of the three presidencies.” He stressed that “shooting at Diab is unacceptable and alien to the principles of dealing with the prime minister,” stressing at the opening of the Muhammad Al-Basatneh Mosque in Shatila Roundabout in Beirut yesterday, that “the insistence on this approach by some in the judicial authority that we do not interfere in its work harms the assets of the judiciary.” The concept of dealing with the third presidency in the Beirut port explosion case.
While the Supreme Islamic Sharia Council meets today (Saturday), headed by Mufti Derian to discuss the issue of Al-Bitar’s memorandum against Diab, Derian called yesterday to “lift all immunities through the issuance of a law from the House of Representatives and for justice to take its course away from selectivity, discretion and abhorrent maliciousness,” pointing out that “ Selective justice is not justice,” referring to two law proposals submitted by the “Future Movement” that would lift immunities for everyone, including heads of government, the President of the Republic, judges, civil servants, security officials, ministers and representatives, to facilitate judicial procedures.
Derian criticized the President of the Republic, saying that “the political, social and living confusion that we are living in is painful, and it hurts all people, and burdens the citizen who suffers both while he is patient,” expressing his fear that after this long time “the patience of the Lebanese will run out, and we will all fall into total chaos.” We are beginning to see its manifestations in various fields, and we are not satisfied with being false witnesses to what is happening in our country.”
Derian called for “to stop the confusion we are in, or else we are really going to the worst and to a complete collapse.” And he addressed the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, by saying: “Try to save what is left of your era, or else we will go to the worst and beyond hell, to the bottom of Hell, as you promised us.”
The tension between the Presidency of the Republic and representatives of the Sunni community in Lebanon extends over the file of forming a government. Derian touched on this file, calling to “abandon the nonsense that accompanies every assignment, as accompanies the assignment of President Najib Mikati, which came at the request of the deputies who named him, and with the recommendation of former prime ministers, and the blessing of Dar Al-Fatwa, which does not distinguish between its sons.” . He said: “We are in the country of Islamic-Christian coexistence, we refuse to distinguish between one Lebanese and another, and what is being said today that the Muslim calls the Muslim, and the Christian calls the Christian in the future government, is a dangerous and divisive matter, and it should be addressed, and we do not accept that things are treated like this, as if we are living On islands within islands, not in one country,” stressing that “our standards are national par excellence, not sectarian ones.”

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Tensions between the Presidency of the Republic and Heads of Government
The Lebanese presidency responded to the statement of former prime ministers the day before yesterday, who indicated that the Lebanese president was aware of the ammonium nitrate shipment in Beirut port 15 days before its detonation, considering that the fifteen days “is a sufficient period of time to dismantle a nuclear bomb, so how is the situation?” For these explosive materials. They said that Aoun “failed and refrained from taking any action of practical value to prevent the occurrence of the humanitarian, economic and urban catastrophe that befell Lebanon, and this means that immunity must also be lifted from the President of the Republic with regard to this serious crime that afflicted Lebanon and therefore the judicial investigator will be freed from the texts It does not give him legal and constitutional rights to try presidents and others.”
The presidency said in Benin yesterday: “It is truly unfortunate that the President of the Republic was accused of the port bombing, when he put himself at the disposal of the judicial investigator to hear his testimony.” She explained that “the privilege granted by Article 60 of the Constitution does not mean that the President cannot be prosecuted and held accountable in the event that his responsibility for any ordinary crime is proven.”
The presidency said: “Justice is not compromised by any constitutional position if it is exercised by the competent authority,” adding: “Lebanon has suffered and continues to suffer from sectarian and sectarian red lines at every question, and this phenomenon has recently exacerbated, as happened, for example, with prime ministers in their solidarity. They divorced each other under the pretext of targeting and weakening the third constitutional position in the state, while the President of the Republic never took the initiative to arouse sectarian and sectarian sentiments by prosecuting prosecutions.
She said she would not respond to what she called the “dangerous words” contained in the heads of government’s statement regarding “disguised and selective justice, the politicized judiciary and the corridors of the Baabda Palace, where the judicial investigation file is conducted,” considering that in this a “public insult, unacceptable weakness, and a shameful targeting of the judiciary, which Some plaintiffs call for their care, independence, transparency, integrity, and freedom from political and sectarian restrictions, while they are sabotaging and destroying them in the name of sect and sect, and they are innocent.”
The Information Office of the Presidency of the Republic considered that “the timing of the statement is suspicious, while the President of the Republic is making an effort to form a government to address the severe suffering that the people of Lebanon are bearing under its weight,” and stressed that the Presidency “continues to address the deficiencies and the focused scrutiny of the accounts of the Banque du Liban and other state facilities to determine losses and accountability. ».

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