Arab social networks, dedicated to the defense of Gaza: #NotInMyName

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Social networks have become a platform on which Arab citizens – generally prevented from demonstrating their political opinions – have raised their slogans in defense of the Palestinian people under labels such as #GazaGenocide y #NotInMyName since Israel began relentless bombing of the Gaza Strip in retaliation for the attack by the Islamist group Hamas a week ago.

On network users They accuse Israel of being a “criminal state” and “genocidal” branded #IsraelWarCrimes.

Many of the publications share images and videos, allegedly recorded in the Gaza Strip, showing bombings on roads and buildings, as well as people fleeing with few belongings, after Israel extended its ultimatum for 1.1 million Gazans to leave the north of the enclave before the imminent ground operation against Hamas.

The #NotInMyName hashtag also brings together thousands of comments from Arab citizens as well as those from other regions, who criticize the “complicit silence” of the West in the face of the massacre in the Palestinian enclavein addition to the positioning of countries such as the United States or organizations or representatives of the European Union favorable to Israel.

On Facebook pages proliferate and groups of associations in defense of the Palestinian cause with slogans such as “Free Palestine”, “Pray for Palestine – Save Gaza” or Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

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