Arabesque founder Omar Selim in the podcast Handelsblatt Disrupt


Dusseldorf The demand to do business more sustainably is not only brought into the company by eco-activists. Investors are also increasingly demanding green conversions from corporations.

But how can really sustainable companies be identified? And above all: How can greeen washing be distinguished from serious sustainable strategies?

This was also asked by investment banker Omar Selim, who has built up an asset manager with Arabesque over the past few years who primarily invests in sustainable companies. In order to recognize these companies, he developed an artificial intelligence that can identify sustainable companies. These AI are now used by large investors around the world.

Afterwards: An interview with the top management coach Sebastian Purps-Pardigol, who has already accompanied companies of all sizes in change processes. For this he uses the knowledge of brain research. At Handelsblatt Disrupt, he explains what he specifically pays attention to, how the “fearlessness” of employees can be overcome in change processes and what motivation really means.

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