Arag: Innovations in legal protection for agriculture

January 12, 2021 – The new year starts with a revised product for the agricultural sector at the legal expenses insurer: The 01/2021 tariff brings new coverage.

The Arag SE Austria has brought its agricultural legal protection to the market in a revised form.

With the new tariff 01/2021 one insures new risks and reacts “to new developments in farms”, says CEO Birgit Eder.

Austrian farmers are mainly active in ancillary business, and their own trading companies are increasingly being set up to sell agricultural products. The new product is intended to accommodate this development.

From the list of product features

The insurer highlights the following new coverage options:

  • Premium-free additional covers in the basic cover – Buschenschank or commercially approved wine tavern (open for a maximum of six months a year), horse hire for a fee (up to three horses free of premiums)
  • Extended criminal legal protection including animal disease legal protection
  • Co-insured generations: either old farmers or future farm owners including relatives
  • Internet legal protection “web @ ktiv” for private and professional areas
  • Ownership risk for leased areas can be included free of charge as part of the tariff for total agricultural areas

Other new additional modules

Arag mentions other new elements in agricultural legal protection:

  • Ancillary trades in agriculture and forestry and hiring more than three horses
  • Private room rental in accordance with trade regulations as well as the non-commercial rental of holiday apartments
  • Independent trading companies (GmbH, KG etc.) with up to five employees for the sale of agricultural products
  • Private area for other people working in agriculture (other young farmers or shareholders)

Further information

An overview with further details on the product is available as a PDF document (680 KB) can be downloaded from the Arag website. According to Arag, information on the tariff can also be found in the “Pulse” tariff calculator.


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